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Who We Are


The CoursePics Story

We are CoursePics: Innovators. Dreamers. Learners. Scholars. Artists.


I am Dr. Ryan Jones, and I am a general surgeon. When I decided on biology as a major in college, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was not prepared for the mountain of data I would have to memorize and keep straight. I quickly realized that memorizing thousands of facts was both all-out time consuming and frustrating. All my courses had comprehensive finals, meaning I was expected to recall everything from the entire semester for every class. Furthermore, when I took my postgraduate test, I had to recall everything from those four years. Even beyond that, I wished so often that I could recall certain previously learned principles to use in everyday situations.


Traditional studying is brain numbing. I knew there had to be something better than the boring and ineffective learning techniques taught in traditional schools. I thought that if I enjoyed what I was studying, it would be easier to retain the information. I read dozens of memory and study books in my search for an easier and better way to learn, and I discovered how learning really works.

Why was learning so frustrating? Because my classmates and I were all using horrible techniques to learn! The brain remembers pictures. And not just any pictures, either. The brain remembers exciting pictures-the ones that are scary, funny, violent, colorful, exaggerated, and emotional. I realized that if I could combine these emotions into a visual picture, and then associate that picture with the important facts I would need later, I would be killing two birds with one stone. That one stone would not only kill the boredom bird that comes with memorizing dull facts, but also his partner, the difficulty of recalling those facts later.

That’s when I created my first CoursePic, and I had no idea that I had begun my journey to change the face of learning forever. I created illustrations which held vital facts that, thanks to the images, were easily recalled later. I created a method of learning that worked parallel to how our brains like to learn. Using emotions and color, my brain captured and recalled everything I illustrated. The more illustrations I created, the better and easier I learned. I soon knew I had unlocked something special, and now I am finally able to share it with you.

How Did We Solve This Dilemma?

We teamed up with some of the best illustrators in the world to bring these illustrations to life.

We contracted out former Disney artists to paint our vision. We hand picked some of the best coders and web designers to make our website come to life.

These illustrations that contain memorable facts and principles we call “CoursePics.”

The Other Side Of CoursePics

My name is Alex Bearnson and I am the cofounder of CoursePics. I’m a student, a husband, a father, and a marketer. I want to change the world! And CoursePics has provided me a vehicle to do so.

I love to learn, but frankly I’m a terrible student! I initially struggled in my college courses. It was hard for me to read pages and pages of textbooks, essays, and boring content. In order to retain facts, figures, or definitions. I had to create my own study tools. Looking back, a lot of these tools were ineffective and time consuming. I spent more time trying to create a system of learning that worked for me than I did actually learning the subject!

Before Ryan attended medical school, he sat me down and introduced me to something incredible:

“Alex, write a list of 20 random items—anything you want—when you’re done I’ll look at them briefly and memorize them. Give me two minutes, and I’ll repeat these 20 items in the exact order that you wrote them.”

I handed him the list and timed him for two minutes. Ryan handed me the list I had created and started listing off each item!  I was astonished. I immediately started searching for his method of cheating! How could anyone do this without some way to write the words down? He laughed as he explained is method of retention,

“Alex, I created a story. I used each word sequentially, and developed a story around these words. After I envisioned this story using each word, I simply repeated it in my head.”

That was 6 years ago. Ryan has since developed CoursePics, the product that ‘tells a story.’ I am honored to be part of the CoursePics team. We’ve worked countless hours to create a product that can touch the lives of every single person on this planet. CoursePics enable students, educators, and professionals in every industry to obtain and RETAIN information.


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