Independent and Dependent Variable

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Testing the Variable

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Independent and Dependent Variables

  • In studies there are dependent and independent variables. The models investigate how the former depend on the latter. The dependent variables represent the output or outcome whose variation is being studied. The independent variables represent inputs or causes, i.e. potential reasons for variation. Models test or explain the effects that the independent variables have on the dependent variables. Sometimes, independent variables may be included for other reasons, such as for their potential confounding effect, without a wish to test their effect directly.
  • Independent variable is the factor that is manipulated or controlled by the experimenter.
  • The dependent variable it the factor that is measured by the experimenter.  it is affected by and thus dependent on the independent variable
  • An example an experimenter wants to determine if playing violent video games increases the frequency of aggressive behavior in children.  the independent variable in this study is the type  of video game being played. the dependent variable in the study is the amount of aggressive behavior exhibited by the children.

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