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Depression and Fatigue

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Bipolar Disorder

Have you ever tried diagnosing someone you knew or yourself with bipolar disorder? What is bipolar disorder?  Bipolar disorder, also known as Manic-Depressive disorder, is a mental condition in which the patient experiences moods of elation and depression alternatively. Generally, these shifts in moods cause unusual changes in activity levels, work capacity, energy, and the ability to follow a routine. The present research traces the roots of this disorder in three different places:

a. Brain structure and functioning

b. genetics

c. family history.

Bipolar disorder is often unrecognized with anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, attention-deficit disorder, and psychosis on the basis of similarity of symptoms.


Moods, elation and depression, have their own symptoms. In the elated mood, patients usually feel very ‘high’ and elated, experience a lot of energy for work, have trouble in sleeping, talk fast and incoherently, assume that they can do many and impossible things, indulge in reckless spending of money and sex. On the other hand, in the depressive mood, the patients feel very sad, empty, and hopeless, lack the energy to work, sleep either too little or too much, feel no impetus for enjoying something, fail to concentrate, eat too little or too much, and experience self-destructive or suicidal thoughts. 


Treatment of bipolar disorder through medication and therapy help many people. The patients of bipolar disorder can be taught to control their turbulent mood swings. An efficacious treatment generally includes psychotherapy coupled with medication. Though it is a life-long illness, its symptoms can be resolved to a certain extent. The medications usually taken for bipolar disorder are mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and atypical antipsychotics.

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